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Extra Quality Star Fish Fossil

Sold by each. 

Brittle stars or ophiuroids are echinoderms and are closely related to the starfish. They crawl across the seafloor using their flexible arms for locomotion. The ophiuroids generally have five long slender, whip-like arms. The ophiuroids diverged in the early Ordivician Period, about 500 million years ago. These fossils were discovered in Morocco. These extra quality stars come in 3 sizes. Small plates have a single, well defined star, medium plates have 2 - 3 stars, and the large have 4 - 5 stars.

We have one piece at $200.00


$18.00 SFXQ Quantity: Select Size:
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Calcite Glow Stone Box

Sold as a package, 32 pieces @ $2.50 each = $80.00. 

32 pieces per box. Calcite Glow Stone Box. Package dimensions: 8.5"L x 8.5"W x 3.5"H. Sphere dia: approx. 1.25"

Calcite, which gets its name from "chalix" the Greek word for lime, is a most amazing mineral. When exposed to light, these spectacular spheres will glow in the dark!! Calcite is also reactive to black light, which can give off a glow, even in a lighted room.

$80.00 CGS Quantity: CGS: $80.00
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Suede Bag, Asst Dark, 4 Colors 2 inch x 3 inch (100 pcs. per pkg.)

Price is .35 each, sold in bags of 100 pieces. 
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE! The suede bags are sold only in conjunction with any of our BULK MINERAL products.

Suede Drawstring Bag 2" x 3". Great for holding your customers treasures! Custom Name drop available (3 pack minimum for custom stamp), call for more info. This 2" x 3" bag is available in assorted only. Deep, rich colors include: brown, dark blue, forest green, and red.
Perfect for filling with our Bulk Gem Mix or other bulk items!!

$35.00 23SB/A4D Quantity: 2x3 Suede Bag: 4 Asst Dark Colors
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Green Calcite Chunks

Sold by each.  
Calcite is a very common and widespread mineral with highly variable forms and colors. It is found in most geologic settings and environments in one form or another. Calcite is truly one of the best collection type minerals. These Green Calcite pieces are colorful and beautiful specimens to collect. These were bought in a very small lot, so there is a limited quantity of these beautiful specimens!

Ex-Small pieces measure approximately approximately 2"-3" in size, the small pieces are approximately 3.5"- 4" in size, and the medium pieces are approximately 4.5" - 6" in size. However, pieces are priced by weight, so sizes may vary.

$4.00 Select Size:
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Aura Amethyst Box

NEW PRODUCT!!!! Sold as a package, 32 pieces @ $2.00 each = $64.00. 

Package dimensions: 9.5"W x 9.5"L. *Please note new packaging*

Amethyst is February's birthstone and is the most valuable of the quartz gemstones. It contains iron that is finely dispersed throughout the crystal. The color is caused by the presence of manganese oxide impurities.

Each piece of this stunning Aura Amethyst has been hand treated with a thin coating of titanium to give this already beautiful Amethyst an iridescent gleam.

$64.00 AAB Quantity: AAB: $64.00
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Sodalite Point w/ Natural Sides

Sold by each. 

Sodalite Point with top polished but sides unpolished. Price will range from $4.00 to $15.00 each. Approximate size: 2.5" to 3" tall.

$5.00 PMNS/SD Quantity:
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Selenite Branches

Sold by each.  Back for a limited time!!! (Limited stock)  

Selenite Branches from Morocco.
We are trying out a new size of rough Selenite!!! These Selenite "Branches" are too big to be sticks and too small to be logs.

The Selenite Branches come in 2 price ranges:
Small - SELBR/S: $6 - $14; from approx. 15"L x 2"W
Large - SELBR/L: $15 - $19; up to approx. 18"L x 3"W
Being a product of nature, the size and shape WILL vary. Please note that we only purchased a small lot of this product. No backorders will be created once this item sells out.

**Because of the Selenite fibers, this item is not recommended for children under the age of 12.**

$6.00 SELBR Quantity: Select Size:
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Carved Soapstone Sea Turtle (10 pcs. per pkg.)

NEW ANIMAL!!! Price is $1.50 each, sold in packs of 10 pieces. 

These adorable little critters are one of our most popular items. They are a big seller wherever they are offered.
They measure approximately 1.5" and are hand-carved in Peru.

$15.00 SSA/SEA Quantity: SSA/SEA: $15.00
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Himalayan Salt Candleholder

Sold by each. 

A new addition to our ever growing collection of natural stone candleholders is the Himalayan Salt Candleholder. Size ranges from approximately 3" to 3.5" tall.

$4.00 SCH Quantity: SCH: $4.00
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Peacock Copper Gravel

NEW SIZE!!! Sold in 5 lb bags at $47.50 per bag.  (limited time only)

Approximate size ranging from 1/8" to 1/4".

Peacock Copper is also known as Chalcopyrite. Due to its color and high copper content, chalcopyrite has often been referred to as "yellow copper". Often referred to as Bornite, Peacock Copper has a rich bouquet of colors. The colors come from an iridescent tarnish that forms on bornite upon exposure to air. This stone brings out joyfulness. It bestows the ability to see and accept the joy in any moment.

They sent us the wrong size!  Limited time only.  We will sell this product until it is gone.  Sorry, no backorders.

$47.50 PCC/G Quantity: PCC/G: $47.50
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Rough Emerald Chunks Box

Sold in flats/boxes.  NEW PRODUCT!!!

Rough Emerald Chunks Boxs are another addition to our ever growing line of flatted minerals. Each box contains 20 pieces of rough Emerald pieces averaging to $3.00 each.  These pre-boxed chunks are protected by a plastic "egg crate" so that each piece is cradled for safe shipping. 

**Sold by the box only.**

$60.00 EMB Quantity: EMB: $60.00
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Polished Prasiolite Double Terminated Crystal

Sold by each. 

A new addition to our line of Double Terminated Points. Sizes range from approximately 1" to 2.5" long. A very popular item so get them while you can!

Prasiolite is a yellowish green to green material that is produced when Amethyst is heated or irradiated. Most consumers are not familiar with Prasiolite, and for that reason it is often not seen!

It is a stone that encourages spiritual and personal growth. Fosters love and compassion and helps with deepening your connection with Mother Earth.




$10.00 PMPRDT Quantity:
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Silver Plated Labradorite Pendant

Sold by each. 

This stunning silver plated Labradorie pendant is our newest addition.In a variety of shapes and sizes this one will be a favorite! Comes with an 18" silver plated chain.

Group photo is for demonstration purposes only-pendants are sold individually.

$6.25 S38 Quantity:
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Adjustable Metal Stand, Medium

Sold by each. 

An adjustable, rubber coated, metal stand best suited to display larger agate slices and fossil plates. This is a very sturdy stand that can hold considerable weight for its size. The rubber coating keeps items from slipping and keeps glass shelves from being scratched. ***The dimensions are 5.5" W X 4 1/2 H".

$3.00 DSAMS/M Quantity: DSAMS/M: $3.00
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Mini Specimen Box

Clearance Special at .25 each!

We have a limited quantity of these mini specimen boxes that we are offering for sale. They are sized at 2" x 2" x 1" and great for putting odds and ends in their place!

$0.25 MSB Quantity: MSB
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Acrylic Bin Displays

Create the perfect display for bulk stones, rocks or other small items that take up a lot of counter space. Instead of hiding merchandise in boxes and baskets, use these all-clear acrylic bins to give visibility and let the light through! 

Note-We do not keep many displays in stock so if you order more than a couple we may have to order them and this can take up to 2 weeks before we receive them.

9 Bin Dimensions: 8"H x 16.25"W x 12"D              

12 Bin Dimensions: 10.5"H x 16.25"W x 16"D         

18 Bin Dimensions: 16" W x 12"H x 8"D                     

24 Bin Dimensions: 16" W x 16" H x 10.5" D            

$90.00 ABD Quantity: Display Options:
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