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Gold or Silver Plated Horseshoe Swivel Pendant

Sold by each. 

These pendants each contain an unpolished crystal point hanging on a lovely horseshoe shaped, swiveling mount. Approximately 1.5"L X 3/4"W. Comes with 18" gold or silver plated chain and choice of Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, or an assortment of available styles.

$5.25 G101 Quantity: Select Stone & Plate Style:
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Polished Gemstone Cabochons- (to be discontinued when sold out)

Sold in 10 pieces per pack @ $3.00 each = $30.00. 
To be discontinued when sold out.

These lovely gemstone pieces are perfect for a variety of crafts including making beautiful one of a kind pendants.
Each piece has a polished flat back for easy use in the craft of your choice. Pieces range in size from approximately 1" to 1.5" and cost $3.00 each.
This product is available in two styles: Included Quartz and Assorted Gemstones.

**The Assorted Gemstone Cabochons are only available in assorted varieties. No requests for specific selections will be honored.**  To be discontinued when sold out


$30.00 PMC Quantity: Select Style:
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Gold or Silver Plated Tree of Life Gemstone Pendant

Sold by each.  

These gold or silver plated pendants are wire wrapped in the shape of the Tree of Life with tumbled stone "leaves" and a tumbled stone inset.  You can now chose from 3 different stone types: Amethyst, Aventurine, or Peridot!

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol that can be found in the spiritual tradition of most cultures. At times, it is a 'cosmic tree' that all mystics must climb to understand the gods. The Tree of Life symbolizes Wisdom.
Approximately 1.75"L X 1.75"W. Comes with 18" gold or silver plated chain.

$7.50 G109 Quantity: Select Stone & Plate Style:
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Gold or Silver Plated Rough Agate Geode Half Pendant

Sold by each. 

These beautiful Agate Geode Halves are gold or silver plated and are approximately 1"L X .5"W. Comes with 18" gold or silver plated chain.

$3.75 G20 Quantity: Select Plate Style:
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Gold or Silver Selenite Pendant with Mineral Accents

Sold by each.  NEW PRODUCT!!!

These pendants each contain a piece of Selenite garnished with a gorgeous mineral accent and mounted on a gold or silver plated bell cap. Approximately 1"L X .5"W. Comes with 18" gold or silver plated chain.

You can choose between Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Blue Kyanite, or you can just get assorted styles!  

$5.25 G106 Quantity: Select Stone & Plating Style:
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Jewelry, Miscellaneous

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