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Break at Home Geode Package #4

Sold by the set as shown. (Replaces our .75 cent geode package)

A small wooden display suited to any counter top or display location. This display contains $1.00 size Break at Home Geodes. As shown in the picture the geodes vary in size and shape. But what is inside the geode is the main selling point.

Package includes the following items:
50ea. Moroccan Break at Home Geodes @ $1.00ea = $50.00 
Break at Home Geode Display Unit = $32.50
50ea Break at Home Geode Info Cards = N/C
Total Package Cost = $82.50 
*Offset Goods = 8 pcs $1.00 Break at Home Geodes.
Dimensions 16"H X 15"W X 8"D.

$82.50 BHG/PKG4 Quantity: BHG/PKG4 $82.50
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Single Mososaurus Tooth Fossil in Matrix

Sold by each.  NEW SIZE!!!

These fossilized teeth belong to the undisputed Emperors of the high Cretaceous Seas. The Mososauridae were a family of enormous serpentine marine reptile. Growing up to 60 feet in length, having stocky powerful teeth and double hinged jaws like a snake, enabling it to swallow it's prey whole. Mososauridae was the scourge of all ocean dwelling creatures.
These fossils are found in the Phosphate deposits of Northwestern Morocco.

This product is now available in 2 sizes! Approximate sizes are as follows:
SMTM/S - $5.00: approx 2" - 3"
SMTM/L - $8.00: approx 4.5" - 5"

**Please note that this is a product of nature. Shape and size WILL vary.**

$8.00 SMTM Quantity: Select Size:
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ammonite sclupture.jpg
Ammonite Freestanding Sculpture

Ammonites are the ancient ancestor to the modern day Nautilus. A Marine Cephalopod approx. 350 million years old. These fossils are found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The fossil is polished but the brown matrix is rough.
Because of limited quantities of each price point we are consolidating them into 2 groups.
All fossils come with an information card for each fossil.

These Semi-Polished freestanding sculptures stand between 6" to 12" high. They come in various shapes and sizes. They make a great knick-knack for desk or end table.

$22.00 AFS Quantity: Select Price:
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Ammonite Fossil Bookend

Sold by the pair. 

Ammonite Fossil Bookends have an Ammonite on the face of each pair. These will make an attractive addition to an office, study, or library. They could also be a fine centerpiece for any book table.

This product comes in 2 sizes and several styles (Please check drop-down menu for available styles as they are subject to change):
Approximate sizing:
Small: 6"L x 2"W x 4"H
Large: 8"L x 2"W x 6"H

New Addition!!!

Black bookends with Rounded edges measuring approximately 5.5" wide by 4.5" tall.

$20.00 AFBE Quantity: Select Style:
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Fossil Dinner Plate, Round #2

Sold by each.  NEW PRODUCT!!!

This new addition to our Fossil Plate selection is a new variation of our Circular Fossil Dinner Plates.  They are sure to be a conversation starter! These Large (approximately 11.5") plates are priced at $30.00. They are sculpted from Orthoceras and Ammonite fossils in matrix that have been polished smooth. They are .5" smaller across and are slightly thicker than the FDP/R with a raised lip on the outside of the plate.  Very limited supply, so order while they last!!!

See also: FDP/R

$30.00 FDP/R2 Quantity: FDP/R2: $30.00
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Single Madagascar Whole Polished Ammonite

Sold by each.  NEW PRODUCT!!!

These beautifully polished Ammonites from Madagascar are meticulously engraved to accentuate each and every nuance in the shell. These pieces are a wonderful conversation starter for anyone's home or office!

These Whole Polished Ammonite Fossils are priced by weight and are available in 4 price ranges:
X-Small - SWPA/XS: $10 - $19; from approx. 2.5"L x 1.75"W x .5"
Small - SWPA/S: $20 - $35; from approx. 3"L x 2"W x 1"
Medium - SWPA/M: $36 - $50; from approx. 3.25"L x 2.5"W x 1.5"
Large - SWPA/L: $51 - $70; from approx. 3.5"L x 3"W x 1.75"

Being a product of nature, size and shape WILL vary.

$20.00 SWPA Quantity: Select Size:
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Single Split Polished Ammonite Fossil

Sold by each.  NEW SIZE & PRICING!!

Single Split Polished Ammonite Fossil

This 350 million year old extinct cephalopod is a distant relative to the chambered nautilus. They occurred in many diverse species all over the world. These Ammonites are from Madagascar.  Approximately 1.5" - 2" across.

$3.00 SPAM/M Quantity: SPAM/M: $3.00 each
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